Identify Passionate Employees During The Interview Process With These Tips

Tips On Interviewing To Help Identify Passionate Candidates

Tips On Interviewing To Help Identify Passionate Candidates

While there is no magic formula to be able to determine how successful or valuable an employee will be for your company, there are some tips on interviewing you can use during the candidate selection process that will help gauge if an employee will be a good fit for your company.

Company culture is important, and one of the key ingredients to creating a thriving one is having employees who possess a positive attitude. Take into consideration the traits your current employees have and the values you deem to be important. Make sure you have a clear idea of what your company culture is all about. Those who are doing the hiring for your company should be well-versed in the company culture as well.

Hobbies and Interests

Find out what the candidate’s hobbies are outside of work.

    • Those who are passionate often show great enthusiasm when talking about what they do, both inside and outside of work.

Work-Life Balance

Ask the candidate what their take is on a balanced work-life schedule and how much they value it.

    • Those who come to the interview unprepared to answer a question like this might be someone you would think twice about bringing onto your team.
    • Candidates who know how to balance a work-life schedule often make great team members. This is because they tend to communicate about what they feel is working and what isn’t, they also tend to get less distracted and often have the support of their peers.

Personal Growth Goals

Try asking the following question during the interview in order to evaluate the candidate’s professional-growth goals, “if we were to offer you the position, where do you see yourself in three years with this company?”

    • Just as you look to the future for your business, you also want to make sure you bring aboard people to be part of your team who will be looking towards their own future.
    • A passionate candidate will always look to better themselves and most importantly become happier. If the candidate’s answer does not provide hints that they would like to see themselves doing something greater than what they have to offer now, then this is a sign that he or she is not growth-oriented.


Ask the candidate how they have helped others outside of work. (Have they volunteered anywhere? Have they played a part in someone else’s goal?) Their answers will help you measure their capacity for generosity.

    • Those who are passionate often like to see other people succeed or be a contribution to others’ success.


Ask the candidate for examples of something they focused on that took a great deal of courage to overcome.

    • Passionate people are often courageous and this will help you gauge their ability to cope well with difficulties or how they might have faced a demanding situation in a resilient and spirited way.

What Gets Them Excited

Throughout the interview, keep notes on the interview questions and answers to see which parts of the conversation got the candidate excited or enthusiastic.

    • See if these areas of the conversation align directly with the role they are interviewing for, and if they do, they just might be the right person you are seeking to fill the job.


Having a good understanding of your company culture and the values your employees deem to be important will help in your quest for finding candidates who are a good fit for your organization and align with your company culture.

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