12 Reasons to Hire During the Holidays

Sure, the Holiday Season might seem like the least ideal time to add new employees to your team and there are some good reasons why this might be the case. The added work of having to process paperwork, look through resumes and interview candidates.

The list can go on and on…

But in reality, as the end of the year comes to a close, many people’s mindsets change, it can be a positive thing for those looking to make that perfect addition to their team.

Reason #1: Staff Up for Holiday Shopping Injuries

Even with Black Friday behind us, the holiday shopping season still has a few weeks left and that means more people getting hurt. With more cars on the road, slip-and-fall risks in stores, and workplace injuries among retail employees, medical professionals are sure to be busy during this holiday season.

These injuries don’t stop once the gifts are unwrapped either. Remember those hoverboards from a few years ago?

Reason #2: Get Ready for Cold and Flu Season

Even in typically warmer climates, there is still a surge in demand for healthcare professionals once cold and flu season kicks off. Winter cold and flu strikes may be due to people spending more time indoors breathing recycled air, lower sunlight levels causing a drop in vitamin D levels and weakening the immune system or a general drop in humidity.

So whether you’re in California, Texas, or Florida, your office or clinic needs to be prepared to accommodate an increase in doctor’s visits. Is your staff prepared to support this seasonal surge in patients?

Reason #3: Prepare for Holiday Vacation Coverage

Healthcare workers expect to take time off to spend with their families during the holidays, just like everyone else.

Telling your employees they can’t take time off just because it isn’t convenient for your business isn’t realistic. This can have a negative impact on morale and lower employee job satisfaction, which in turn affects the quality of care patients receive. Temporary office or clinic staffing for the holidays to fill demand from vacationing employees can be a winning solution that benefits everyone. Employees get time off without feeling pressure, patients continue to get the care they need, and you get to work with new people who may prove to be a long-term asset to your business.

Reason #4: Interview While Candidates Have Time Off

There are a lot of great healthcare workers out there looking to make the switch to a new job. We know, because we work with some of the best in the industry and we see it every day. Because the best employees often work the longest hours, it can be tough for them to find the time to interview for a new position. In many cases, they may be worried about their current employer finding out about their job search before they have something lined up.

Holiday time off gives candidates the perfect opportunity to interview, providing both a reasonable cover for taking time off and a great way for them to ring in the New Year with a fresh job and a new start.  By being ready to speak with them, you can get in front of high-quality job candidates at just the right time when others might be more concerned with planning the office holiday party.

Reason #5: Gear Up for Elective Procedures

More patients than ever are dealing with high-deductible insurance plans, and the smart ones are often looking to maximize their value by scheduling elective procedures before the end of the year. “Use it or lose it” flexible spending accounts also contribute to this increase.

For patients whose places of work close down around the holidays, the holiday break can also give them a good opportunity to schedule the procedure and deal with recovery without cutting into their personal vacation days. So even if your specialty doesn’t see a lot of cold and flu patients, you may still see an increase in business from patients looking to get one last thing in on this year’s insurance before the calendar flips.

Reason #6: Certification Programs are Graduating Their Fall Semesters

With the end of the fall semester, there is a flood of new healthcare certification program graduates hitting the market. Most of these graduates will settle into a new position very soon after graduation. If you have been thinking about hiring for an entry-level position and want to get the best and brightest, you need to move quickly. There is a record demand for healthcare professionals and in some fields there is a shortage of qualified workers, which means those positions can be tough to fill.

Fortunately, OfficeWorks has you covered. We actively participate in job fairs and partnerships with local certification programs, so our recruiters have access to all the best new talent.

Reason #7: Your Competition May be Taking Time Off

Other medical offices and clinics in your area may be taking some time off around the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you are closing your doors. Besides the opportunity to drive some fresh business when your competitors’ patients can’t get an appointment, the holidays are a great time to do some hiring while fewer organizations in your area are conducting interviews.

Job searchers are actively looking to get interviews while they have their own time away from the office, and you will get access to the top candidates if you’re actively interviewing while others are not. Looking to fill a position now can be a smart strategy for getting the best new hire lined up for 2019.

Reason #8: Q4 Hiring is a Proven Strategy for Q1 Success

It’s no secret among employers that the fourth quarter is one of the best times to hire. Many employers are hiring for permanent roles in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Getting a fresh new employee in the door now can help you get the New Year off to a running start. In some cases, you may need to fill vacant positions now to ensure they’ll be accounted for in your 2019 budget.

Reason #9: The Best Candidates Aren’t Taking a Holiday Break from Their Job Search

The best employment candidates don’t slowdown their job search just because the holidays are around the corner.  In fact, many of them are taking advantage of additional time away from the office to seek out new opportunities and line up some interviews. Many of the smartest job seekers out there know that the holidays are among the best times to go looking for a job.

Reason #10: End of Year Billing and Collecting

Unpaid medical claims due to poor billing practices cost doctors more than $125 million per year in the United States. In many cases, problems with billing and collections are simply due to understaffing. With a skilled medical billing and collections team in your corner, you can collect on your unpaid claims ethically and professionally, hitting your end-of-year financial targets.

Reason #11: Build Rapport with New Hires during the Holidays

The holidays are a season full of happiness, appreciation for the people you care about, and of course office holiday parties. What better time to welcome a new employee into the fold?

Making a connection with coworkers and the boss can be one of the most challenging things for a new employee to fit in, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. A bit of holiday cheer around the office can go a long way towards easing a new employee into building the kinds of lasting relationships with coworkers that improve morale, boost productivity, and reduce workplace turnover.

Reason #12: Start the New Year with a Full Team

The New Year is traditionally all about new beginnings. This year, make a New Year’s resolution to start the year off with a full team and put your staffing problems behind you.

Employees are looking to make a fresh start in the New Year as well, and bringing the concept of a fresh start to the workplace can motivate your team to embrace better habits and boost productivity. New hires in the office help reinforce that idea, and with additional staff in place to help manage the workload, some of your more seasoned employees may even start to eagerly embrace new challenges and responsibilities.

It’s not too late to start 2019 with a bang. Give OfficeWorks a call today 877-463-3123 and we’ll help you fill your staffing holes and kick off the New Year with a full team and a fresh start.

Happy New Year!

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